You too can discover the artist's studio and living space in its olive grove-cum-sculpture garden.

La Casa degli Ulivi is located just a few kilometres from Senigallia on the Adriatic Sea. The house itself is crowned by an olive grove where we cultivate olives and produce our own olive oil – hence the name 'the house of the olive grove'. And then there is the artist's residence and studio with its sculpture garden where you can enjoy works in marble, wood, iron and bronze in the midsts of nature.

The intention is to create a meeting place where those sensitive to art can get away from it all and open up to our shared humanity and creativity.

On display in the house there are many antique farm tools that we have collected over time. Interiors morph into exteriors with a little open-air theatre facing the house which becomes stage for concerts, poetry readings and short plays and sketches...Inside the house on the ground floor there is a music room, a puppet theatre, a sculpture studio, kitchen with wood burning stove and the dining room. On the first floor in the centre there is a large meeting – living room and library with a permanent collection of sculptures and paintings on the walls. From there to the north and south, 3 bedrooms, a study, a studio and their relative bathrooms are found.